About Me

In January 2016, I joined the Division of English Literature, American Studies, and Creative Writing (EAC) at the University of Manchester, having previously taught in the United States at Northwestern University and Hamilton


College. I have held research fellowships in Europe and the United States at Institut für die Wissenschaften vom Menschen (Institute for Human Sciences) in Vienna, Austria  and the Alice Kaplan Institute for the Humanities in Evanston, Illinois. I teach and write about British Romanticism; poetry and poetics; aesthetics and politics; literature and historiography; and, more recently, comparative Gothic literatures from Britain and Europe to the Americas.

In December 2015, my book, Modernity’s Mist: British Romanticism and the Poetics of Anticipation, was published in the new “Lit Z” series of Fordham University Press. I am also co-editor (with Emily Sun) of the 50th anniversary issue of Studies in Romanticism: Reading Keats, Thinking Politics, for which I solicited and co-translated Jacques Rancière’s essay on Keats, “The Politics of the Spider.” Expanding on my interests in time and politics, in October 2014 I co-organized a multidisciplinary symposium on nonlinear temporalities with Michelle M. Wright: Timing is Everything. I have two essays forthcoming in spring 2018 (one in European Romantic Review and another in Textual Practice) that extend my aeonian interest in Romantic temporalities to the history of reading and the materiality of the codex book (see ‘Current Research’ page).

Since 2017, I have been organising and convening the invited speaker series for the Division of English Lit, American Studies, and Creative Writing (EAC). I also serve as EAC representative to CIDRAL and to the school-wide Committee on Equality and Diversity.

I am principal organizer of the 2019 meeting of the International Conference on Romanticism, which will be hosted by the University of Manchester. The conference will coincide with the 200-year anniversary of “Peterloo,” which took place in St. Peter’s Field, Manchester.