For Students

I am on research leave for the 2018/19 academic year.

Romanticism, Spring 2018

English Literature Tutorial, Autumn 2016

Gothic, Autumn 2017 

The Long Essay

I welcome inquiries from prospective postgraduate students interested in Romanticism (British or comparative); Gothic writing (British or comparative); narrative theory; relations between literature and historiography, and between aesthetics and politics–especially the politics of temporality, including contingency, simultaneity, anticipation and memory, minor prophecies, missed opportunities, and multiple possibilities. I have participated in the supervision of Ph.D. dissertations on topics such as the figure of the coquette in the eighteenth-century novel; bodies and burials in British Romanticism; and concepts of time in late nineteenth-century British poetry by women writers.

I am Course Unit Director for the new M.A. module in Romanticism; the Gothic (third-year undergraduate) module; the Long Essay (third-year) module; and the Romanticism (second-year) module. I also give lectures and seminars for the following first-year undergraduate modules: English Lit Tutorial; Text & Theory; Literature & History; and Standing on the Shoulders of Giants.

Since 2017, I have been convening the research seminar series for English Lit, American Studies, and Creative Writing and serving as Division representative to CIDRAL. I represent EAC as well by serving on the school-wide committee on Diversity and Equality.

I am principal organiser of the 2019 International Conference on Romanticism, hosted by the University of Manchester.