Current Research

I am working on two new books. Codex Poetics: Romantic Books and the Time of Reading concerns counterfactual narratives, contingency, and the “time of reading” (developing further one of the central concerns of my first book, Modernity’s Mist). From this project, a new essay entitled “‘Without you, I am nothing’: On the Counterfactual Imagination in Emma” will appear in the journal Textual Practice as part of a special issue on “Literature and Contingency,” edited by Tina Lupton (May 2018). A second essay, “To ‘lean upon a closed book’: Keats’s Sonnets, Formal Closure, and the Codex,” will be published in European Romantic Review (in press/forthcoming April 2018).

A second project, Gothic Dispossession and the Politics of Voice, focuses on comparative Gothic literatures (British, European, U.S., and Caribbean), addressing the question of how to think about the relation between, on the one hand, the dispossessed voices that pervade Gothic fictions and, on the other, the desire to “have a voice” in politics, expressed both in overtly political writing and in the history of protest and political revolution in the Romantic period and the nineteenth century on both sides of the Atlantic. The manuscript includes readings of works by Horace Walpole, John Keats, Ann Radcliffe, Mary Shelley, Charles Brockden Brown, Leonora Sansay, Victor Séjour, and Alejandro Tapia y Rivera, among others.

Additionally, an essay entitled “‘uncertainties, Mysteries, doubts’: Pluralities and the Historical Present in Keats and Hazlitt” is forthcoming (2019) as part of a Liverpool UP volume focusing on the legacies of “negative capability.”

Upcoming Conference Papers/Invited Lectures

Invited Talk. Hazlitt Day School. London, September 2019.

KEYNOTE: The Keats Foundation Conference, London, May 2019

London-Paris Romanticism Seminar, International Panel with Caroline Bertonèche (Grenoble), March 2019

“Reading as Uprising: Landon, Keats, Rancière,” MLA Chicago, January 2019

“Romantic Contingency and the Time of Not Reading in Letitia Landon’s Poetry,” Romanticism and Time Conference, Lille, France, November 2018

Recent Papers/Invited Lectures (Selected)

“The Materiality of the Book and the Time of Reading in The Prelude, Book 5,” NASSR Brown University, June 2018

“‘I’ll cavern you, and grotto you’: Keats, Radcliffe, Austen, and the Conventions of Gothic Writing in 1818,” The Keats Foundation, Hampstead, May 2018

“Romanticism, Contingency, and the Counterfactual Imagination,” Invited Seminar at Boston Area Romanticism Colloquium Boston, 2 November 2017

“Gothic Dispossessions and the Politics of Voice: From Horace Walpole to Alejandro Tapia y Rivera,” American Comparative Literature Association in Utrecht, July 2017

“Ideas of Improvement and the Counterfactual Imagination in Emma,” British Association for Romantic Studies in York, July 2017

“Keats, Contingency, the Codex,” The Keats Foundation, Hampstead, May 2017

“Gothic Dispossession and the Politics of Voice,” Invited Lecture at King’s College London, May 2017

“‘in argosy transferr’d’: Voice and Dispossession in Keats and Radcliffe,” Invited Research Seminar at the University of Leeds, 28 February 2017

“‘Without you, I would have been somebody else’: On Contingency and the Counterfactual Imagination in Austen and Dickens,” Invited Research Seminar at University of Manchester, 1 March 2017

“Voice and Dispossession: A Comparative Poetics,” Invited Research Seminar at University of Sussex, 22 November 2016

“Voice and Dispossession: A Comparative Poetics,” Invited Research Seminar at Cardiff University, 8 November 2016

“Sonic Subjects and Narrative Voice in Early Gothic Fiction,” NASSR Berkeley, August 2016

“Epic and Revolution: Helen Maria Williams’ Peru and Peruvian Tales,” LASA New York City, May 2016

“Contingencies of the Future Anterior: Austen, Dickens, Nabokov,” Invited Pre-Circulated Paper at Literature & Contingency Symposium, Warwick in Venice, Italy 2-4 May 2016

“Embowell’d in Winchester,” Keats Foundation, Hampstead, May 2016

“The Time of Reading,” Invited Talk at Nineteenth Century Seminar, University of Cambridge, 1 March 2016

“Romantic Temporality and the Imprint of Voice,” BARS Cardiff, July 2015

“Transatlantic Romantic Gothic,” Invited Pre-Circulated Paper at 18th/19th-c. Atlantic Cultures Workshop, University of Chicago, May 2015

“Irruptions of the Gothic in Emma and Persuasion,” INCS Atlanta, April 2015

“Gothic Encounters: Estranging the Global Imagination,” Invited Talk in the Visiting Speaker Series, University of Edinburgh, November 2014