Recent Publications


Review of Arden Hegele’s Romantic Autopsy: Literary Form and Medical Reading (Oxford UP, 2022) in Romanticism (forthcoming 2023)

“Romantic Futurities.” Romanticism on the Net 76 (2022).

“Keats’s Vanishing Books.” Romanticism 28.2 (2022).

“The Novelty of Mansfield Park.Routledge Companion to Jane Austen. Eds. Maria Frawley and Cheryl A. Wilson. Routledge (2022).

“‘uncertainties, Mysteries, doubts’: Pluralities and the Historical Present in Keats and Hazlitt” in Keats’s Negative Capability: New Origins and Afterlives. Liverpool University Press, March 2019.

“‘Without you, I am nothing’: on the counterfactual imagination in Emma” (reprinted) in Literature and Contingency, ed. Christina Lupton (Routledge, March 2019).

In London and Louvain: Bookish Materiality and Social Equality The Keats Letters Project (May 2019).

“To ‘lean upon a closed book’: Keats’s Sonnets, Formal Closure, and the Codex Book” European Romantic Review 29.2 (April 2018): 229-245.

“‘Without you, I am nothing’: on the counterfactual imagination in Emma” Textual Practice 32.3 (May 2018): 471-488.

Modernity’s Mist: British Romanticism and the Poetics of Anticipation. New York: ‘Lit Z’ series of Fordham University Press, 2016.


Below: That’s me in Hampstead, propped up by a colleague and trying to get a good photo of Leigh Hunt’s house during the Vale of Health walk, guided by Nick Roe, at the Keats Foundation conference, May 2017.


Photo credit: Bill Stroup.